The oldest mosque in Romania

Esmahan Sultan…since 1573

The oldest mosque in the country!Now, a question for you people passing through Mangalia. How is it like? Till the rotary, right…left…right and the route to Vama Veche or Bulgaria.Right?Well,this time we went straight forward to the center ,turned left near the public beach and we immediately encountered this beauty.

Esmahan Sultan mosque

What do we have left from the Turkey rule besides the little things?A mosque! I’ve seen a couple of these throught the years and I have the clear verdict. It looks like our old churches. I know it may not seem like it but it’s old and it has that “vintage air” going on. The entrance is only 5 lei, so that is not a problem. There are no strict rules for women or men. It has its history written at the entrance. The resume? The wife of a vizier, daughter of sultan Selim the Third built the mosque in memory of her father. The stories mix up a little bit but it seems like in 1400 there was another mosque in the same place that burned down so they built another one.

I think it was really nice, with a clean fence around it, posters and a sentry box that sells tickets, grass and coloured flowers. Really well maintained. There is one thing about this mosque. It is said to have been built without binding material, but with some niches left from the Callatis fortress. A very interesting fact is that the mosque was a wreck until after the Revolution. In 2000, a Turkish man put a lot of money into making it look nice again. The tower seemed like the one in Pisa (it was leaning), the roof, the garden, the fountain, the old graves. The entrance is filled with pelargoniums and above the door there is a text in Arabic saying Allahin dedigi olur which translates as What Allah says,happens. The interior is not so big, the floor is covered in carpets only and there is also a balcony. One thing I loved was that it was really clean. I missed going to the minaret but you can visit it. Before I visited this mosque I had no information whatsoever about it. So if you were like me, I hope that now I cleared some things up and if you pass by Mangalia,you should definetly visit.It’s sure worth it!

since 1573…
mm este un proiect initiat de Pati si Dan, doi pasionati de calatorii. Am vizitat pana acum peste 50 de tari si ne place sa spunem ca lista ramane deschisa. Din fiecare calatorie surprindem cat mai multe detalii, informatii reale si imagini pentru voi. Va invitam sa intrati in lumea noastra daca nu ati facut-o deja, sa calatoriti cu noi, sa deveniti unul dintre membrii familiei noastre. Calatoria perfecta exista! Haideti sa o descoperim impreuna.

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